Spectrum of Friend Gifts


I have awesome friends, as evidenced by my Christmas gifts. Here are two books I received from two different friends … and both of them are spot on for my personality and interests. I don’t know if this makes them crazy or me.

Seuss Art Animal House

If you want to pick up these awesome books, here are the links (or, you can just wait for your awesome friends to buy them for you):

Dr. Seuss: The Cat Behind the Hat

Fat, Drunk, & Stupid: The Inside Story Behind the Making of Animal House




KIA's escape plan

KIA Escape



KIA's escape plan

My bestie, KIA, is here for Thanksgiving. I’ve only ever referred to her as her nickname on this blog due to a 72-page contractual agreement she made me sign over Hurricanes in New Orleans after we danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly one year. (That was a total lie. It was only 46 pages.)

Anyway, I can’t say that I blame KIA. I mean, she’s a real professional with clients and stuff so I can see how she wouldn’t want to be associated with me in any way that you can link her real self to this blog about poo and boobs.


KIA surprised me by saying that she was driving the 9 hours to our house this year instead of flying. At first I thought, “Oh, this is just part of her new relaxed self now that she’s running her own business her schedule is a little more flexible.”

You see, KIA is one of those extremely organized people who always has everything in order. EVERYTHING. KIA is who I want to be when I grow up but know I will never be, so I just continue to do immature things. Like write about poo and boobs.


So anyway, what surprised me even more than KIA driving was that she didn’t pack a neatly organized suitcase this year. Instead, she threw her things into a laundry basket and carried them in that way. It’s surprising because this is totally something I would do, not KIA, so I was just proud that clearly I was rubbing off on her.

This morning in the shower I was thinking about KIA (sidebar: not that I think about my girl friends in the shower because I totally don’t–at least not in that way–but what else are you supposed to do while you’re waiting during all that rinse and repeating?) and it hit me: the driving … the laundry basket … all of these are means of easy escape. She’s gearing up to grab-and-go–fleeing from our house at a moment’s notice.

I can’t say that I blame KIA, I don’t want to be here most of the time either.

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