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In the new year I’ve decided that I want to get back to doing things that make me happy: spending time with people who are awesome, giving back, and supporting others. I want to do things because it’s the right thing to do … not because numbers dictate or it’s how you’re supposed to market or it’s what’s popular. I want to get to know someone, really know them, without having to hear a resume of number of followers or pageviews or why they should be chosen over another blogger, ya know?

A couple of years ago I started something on this blog called the “Give Back Initiative” (#GiveBackIn) where I spotlighted mainly individuals (but sometimes little known groups or orgs) who are doing amazing things.

And then?

Life got in the way and #GiveBackIn kind of fell by the wayside. But, I’m bringing it back! For my first 2014 #GiveBackIn, I wanted to spotlight all of the amazing people that I know who have written books. (PS? I’ve included small publishing houses in my “indie” authors.) Won’t you please consider selecting a few books and supporting these authors in the new year?

If you are an author or know someone who has written a book, please feel free to link it up in the comments of this post!

Support Writers and Indie Authors

#GiveBackIn Supports Writers

(The books are listed in no particular order.)

Jacob’s Journal – My Journey Home by Marla Murasko

Ultimate Holiday Guide by Katelyn Fagen (and others)

Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think) by Hazel Walker (and others)

Training Your Children in Home Economics by Angie Kauffman

First Communion Preparation and Printables by Angie Kauffman

Finding Educational Experiences in the Most Unexpected Places by Angie Kauffman

Homeschooling by the Numbers by Angie Kauffman

Inspiration to Pay off Debt: 30 Days of Encouragement from the Queen of Free, Cherie Lowe

Kiss Chronicles by Virginia Sanders

Skin Care from the Ground Up by Dr. Pamela Reilly

The Modern Magnificat: Women Responding to the Call of God by Jennifer Harris Dault

A Day to Remember by Lydia Richmond

Mom with a Camera (Which Camera?) by Veronica Armstrong

Anabel Unraveled by Amanda Romain Lynch

Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo by Jennifer Luitwieler

Nightmarriage by Chad Thomas Johnston

Changing Tracks by Sarah Cass

Derailed by Sarah Cass

Dark Territory by Sarah Cass

Santa Maybe by Sarah Cass

Masked Hearts by Sarah Cass


 Note: If I’ve left off anyone, please forgive me. These were compiled from a list on Facebook page responses. If you wrote a book, please add it in the comments!

4 Responses

  • Marla Murasko // // Reply

    Thank you Jackie for including “Jacob’s Journal”. What an awesome list of amazing authors. Can’t wait to read up on all their projects.

    Thanks again. Can’t wait to share.

    • WritRams // // Reply

      Happy to compile it. I have some AMAZINGLY TALENTED friends! :)

  • Lydia // // Reply

    I am completely touched that you included A Day to Remember! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the list!

    • WritRams // // Reply

      I ordered your book! I can’t wait to use it in homeschool. I’m going to work my way through this entire list this year to support my author friends!

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