Open Letter to Sarah Lockard of AroundMainLine

Dear Sarah:

I know we don’t know each other, but I’ve been following the fallout fiasco¬†from your restaurant email that was leaked and I want to say


I’m sorry that there was someone who you reached out to for business who decided that sharing a private email (and your information) was OK.

I’m sorry that the blogging industry is filled with some vultures who wait for something to feed on because they don’t want to reflect on their own lives.

I’m sorry that a business contact was not professional enough to react in a responsible way.

I’m sorry that this was blown out of proportion and reduced to petty bullying by people who hide behind computer screens.

I’m sorry that people think that the way they do business should be the exact same way that you do business.

I’m sorry that a website implied that you should be judged by the number of your followers before someone does business with you.

I’m sorry that these websites are happy to post the negative comments, but reject the supportive ones. (Yes, I tried to post a supportive comment and it was “rejected.”)

But, most of all, I’m sorry that more women aren’t standing up in this community as a show of support for you. I may only be one woman, but I didn’t want to be the one sitting quietly by while this happens.

Proud to Support You,

Jacqueline Wilson,

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