Kroger is ‘Fueling Your Summer’ and Giving Away $100


Thanks to Kroger for allowing me to partner with them on this awesome program and giveaway. 

Get Kroger Fuel Points this Summer and Save

Every year I forget about it. I make it through the winter, wait out the spring and then BAM! summer is here … but so are those nasty gas hikes. I bet The Husband and I have had 12 discussions in the last 10 days about the high gas prices. (OK, “discussion” may not be the right word. It’s mostly him complaining and me nodding, but you get the point.)

Anyway, how can you spend time doing fun things with your family in the summer when you can’t even afford the gas to get to those fun things? Here’s how:

Win $100 from Kroger!Kroger has a fuel program and 2X fuel point weekends where you can take full advantage of savings opportunities with every day shopping! Currently, Kroger shoppers can save up to $1 per gallon (DUDE! ONE DOLLAR!) at the pump by redeeming up to 1,000 Fuel Points at any Kroger Fuel Center, and at participating stations.

How do you get in on it? I hear ya:

Visit and for  the June offer (yes, there’s still time to save in June). Download the fuel savings digital coupon just one time and you’ll automatically earn double fuel points on all your grocery purchases every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Then, visit the same link in July and download the July deal to save for that month!

That alone would be an amazing offer, right? But get this: Kroger has given me a $100 giftcard to give away, too! It’s like saving on gas and then saving some more!  (Or, if you want to use your giftcard for something else, that would be OK, too.)

Kroger Fueling Your Summer $100 Giftcard Giveaway

Follow the steps to complete the Rafflecopter info (it’s super easy), and watch for additional ways to get more entries!

This giveaway will end Friday, July 12th at midnight EST. Get on it!

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49 Responses

  • Gina Gaddis // // Reply

    Sign me up, PLEASE!!

  • Cindy // // Reply

    Shop at Kroger every week. We would definitely use for groceries.

  • Sarah Cass // // Reply

    $100 would cover groceries for a week or gas for a month in this house…it would get well used when our financial status is tight.

  • Tabitha P. // // Reply

    I’d stock our freezer. With meat!

  • Stacy S. // // Reply

    We have 2 big camping trips plans and $100 would buy some awesome groceries for the camper or a tank of gas :) lol

  • Jessie C. // // Reply

    Get groceries for our camping trips.

  • Elis B. // // Reply

    I’d buy groceries at my local kroger affiliate store.

  • Elena // // Reply

    I would buy groceries

  • Mary Happymommy // // Reply

    I would buy groceries while we’re on vacation.

  • Nataly Carbonell // // Reply

    Buy some groceries and our favorite snacks

  • Jessica To // // Reply

    I would get meat for our July cookout.

  • Jill H // // Reply

    I would buy lots of organic foods that they have available there!

  • Erika P. // // Reply

    I would stock up on meat and seafood

  • Tabathia B // // Reply

    I would purchase lots of fresh fruits & veggies and dole fruits for my kids

  • Amanda Sakovitz // // Reply

    I would buy groceries for my summer road trip to visit family this summer!

  • Thomas Murphy // // Reply

    I would buy lots of food.

  • Ashley Tucker // // Reply

    I’d buy some produce and meat

  • chris // // Reply

    Id spend it all on ice cream!

  • Tina M // // Reply

    veggies and fruit

  • Livivua Chandler // // Reply

    i would use it for eating lumch at the hot deli and any diaper deals

  • shaunie // // Reply

    I’d stock up on my essentials (and maybe snacks)

  • Adraine // // Reply

    I’ll buy goodies for the 4th of July and stock up on pet food and paper goods

  • Wendy // // Reply

    I know this may sound funny, but the Kroger’s here sells patio furniture and there is a glider I want. I didn’t get one last year because I waited too long and then they were sold out. So that is what I would get!

  • June Lisle // // Reply

    I would buy groceries and use the money I saved to take my husband on a weekend trip to Colorado.

  • lizzy // // Reply

    I would buy groceries!

  • Holly B // // Reply

    We are moving cross country, so there will be lots to re-stock once we arrive!

  • Jennifer Marie // // Reply

    spend it on groceries while we are away on vacation.

  • Ellen B // // Reply

    I would gift this to a family member

  • thepricklypinecone // // Reply

    I would stock up on pet food!

  • Angela D. // // Reply

    That would cover 2 to 3 weeks of groceries for us and since we just had to spring for a new water heater we could really use the break from the grocery bill!

  • Rob // // Reply

    Gas and a whole lot of Krispy Kremes

  • Naomi // // Reply

    I’d use it to restock our fridge… we just had a five day power outage and had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, sadly.

  • Rona B // // Reply

    I’m heading to my local Kroger’s grocery store to stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables and sale items if I win.

  • Wendy T // // Reply

    I’d use it to feed the football team that usually ends up in my living room in September!

  • Nicole Larsen // // Reply

    I’d use it to stock up my pantry and freezer with stuff that is on sale and I have coupons for!

  • Courtnie // // Reply

    I’d use it for hair and beauty supplies

  • Tammy S // // Reply

    I love my Kroger store! If I won I would use it to buy all my groceries for our white water camping trip.

  • Heather Hayes Panjon // // Reply

    I’d Stock Up On BBQ Essentials And Fresh Produce.

  • Wild Orchid // // Reply

    I would stock up on fruits, veggies, and meat!
    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • Marcia Goss // // Reply

    I would use it for 2 weeks of groceries!

  • Debbie B // // Reply

    i’d go buy groceries!

  • Sara Floyd // // Reply

    I would get groceries!

  • Whitney // // Reply

    The $100 giftcard could easily buy me 2 weeks worth of groceries!

  • Whitney // // Reply

    I would stock up and buy some extra groceries. Also some good stuff to grill!

  • Wanda McHenry // // Reply

    I would give it to my in-laws since they are retired and living on Social Security which doesn’t pay much.

  • Sonya Morris // // Reply

    I would stock up on things for the kids.

  • Carrie W. // // Reply

    I would love a giftcard

  • AlannaB // // Reply

    Gas in the car! So I can visit my family that I haven’t seen in over 2 years :-(

  • Brandy Brady // // Reply

    We shop there and boy we could use it now

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