Goldfish Brings New Family Swim Experience to Indianapolis Area


My five-year-old has been going to swim class for over a year now at a local establishment. The swim coach is great (not a great personality, but a great instructor), but the customer service at the place is … meh. We’ve had them cancel classes on us and not even contact us. (I.KNOW.) So, when Mom for Less and asked if I wanted to try a new swim place, I was all over it.

Goldfish Swim School, Carmel, IN

Enter: Goldfish Swim School in Carmel

Goldfish Swim School just opened in the Indianapolis area (Carmel) on April 6, 2013. So, we got to try out the facility when they just barely had the wrapper off those fish! (And, dude! It’s the first Goldfish Swim School in all of Indiana!)

With its bright beach theme, the building is a breath of fresh air when you walk in–and SUPER CLEAN. It’s decorated with thatched umbrellas and cabana-like changing rooms. There are plenty of seats for parents, and even some tables, so don’t be afraid to bring your laptop or tablet device along and enjoy their free WiFi and snack bar while the kiddos swim!

Goldfish Swim School also has an amazing fish tank–which seems like a weird thing to mention for a swim school, but my daughter was obsessed with it! (THERE.ARE.TURTLES.) This, and the play corner with books and riding toys will keep little ones occupied until their lesson starts. (Well played, Goldfish, well played.)

The Swim Classes

Goldfish Swim School PoolThe pool area is impressive at Goldfish. One of the things that I liked best is that it’s only four feet deep and they keep it at a constant 90 degrees. At our current classes, they spend time in the “kiddie pool” which is heated and then plunge the kids into the lap pool which is unheated. You don’t have to worry about that at Goldfish where it’s one warm temperature at all times.

Also, check this out:

  • The perpetual membership-based model for lessons allows each child to learn at his or her own pace, so there’s no pushing them to the next level before they’re ready.
  • Goldfish offers classes for all levels of swimmers, from introductory parent-tot programs to advance pro-level lessons.

Goldfish Swim School Pros and Cons


  • Instructor to Kid Ratio is 1 to 4 (SUPER impressive!)
  • Focused only on swimming (and not many other classes/offerings like other facilities)
  • Instructor update on progress after session
  • Small (kid-sized) showers complete with soap and shampoo
  • Ample parent seating and free WiFi
  • Cute beach bags and t-shirt for new students was a nice customer service touch


  • Bathroom and dressing rooms are separate. I found this annoying, especially with a little kid. (Who wants to go to the bathroom, pull up a wet swimsuit and then go to a separate area to dress?!)
  • Left to figure things out on my own. I was kind of given a wave toward the dressing rooms and had to figure out the rest myself. (No other customers were in the building yet, so it wasn’t a “too busy” thing. ) I read something about a blow dry bar, but never even saw that so we left with wet hair.
  • Customer service and front desk employee energy level/engagement could use some tweaking, but this could be because they are brand new and working out the kinks.


When our scheduled sessions are up at our current facility, we are definitely going to consider switching over to Goldfish. My daughter really enjoyed it.

Preregistration and more information for at Goldfish Swim School at:


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4 Responses

  • Rebeca @ The Average Parent // // Reply

    Ha! My son also loved the fish tanks and was super excited to see the turtles!

    • WritRams // // Reply

      Let’s face it, it *was* super cool LOL

  • Goldfish Swim School - Carmel // // Reply

    Thank you for the excellent write-up. We pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience, so your feedback is important to us as we strive to make Goldfish a place families look forward to visiting.

  • Wendy // // Reply

    Ours opened up last December and I love it! I still do, however my daughter lost interest when they started to do the “dips” lol. I love the atmosphere and everything else about it. We’d go early Saturday when I could sit under a tiki and enjoy my coffee. But I agree, having the bathrooms and changing rooms opposite was odd, so we would change in the bathroom (it was always super clean). I’m hoping after spending this summer at the lake, I can persuade her to start classes up again in the fall.

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