Karing Card Club | 6 Reasons I Joined a Blogger Card Club (And Why You Should, Too)

I have been blessed to connect with so many amazing women doing great things on Project Purse Club. That’s where I “met” Kendra.

Kendra came up with a great idea after realizing how the bully bloggers get attention, but there are so many non-bully bloggers out there. Kendra said:

After thinking this through, I have decided that I want a way to celebrate the non-bully bloggers. I want to encourage the bloggers who need encouraging. I want to support the bloggers who need supporting. That’s where the Karing Card Club comes in.

So Kendra asked me if I would help head up a card club to support and encourage other bloggers.

My March Card

March karing card I received from Christa of Keeping Up with the Joneses.We already had a March card. I’m a little late blogging about it because of my two months of illness, but I’m back!

March’s theme was encouragement and I received this GREAT card from Christa of Keeping Up with the Joneses blog. I didn’t know Christa before this (and I’m going to get to know her better), but the encouragement-themed card she sent was perfect! The last few months have been rough for me, so this funny, encouraging card was so nice to receive in the mail. THANK YOU, CHRISTA!

Why I Joined  a Snail Mail Card Club

Honestly, taking on another project is so not what I needed; however, this was such a great movement that I wanted to be part of it. Here’s why I joined:

1. It’s uplifting.

Remember when you were a little kid and you got mail? Remember how exciting it was? That’s the same way I felt when I got this card in the mail. How often is it that you actually get fun stuff in the mail now? (I.KNOW.)

2. It supports a local post office.

You may have heard, but many of the smaller, rural and local post offices are being closed. Maybe this is just our small part to try to help save some jobs? (And, doesn’t that make you feel good?)

3. It encourages a fellow blogger.

Blogging can be a rough gig and sometimes you need fellow bloggers to lift you up by the boot straps. Something as simple as sending a card can help with that.

4. It exposes you to bloggers you may not have met otherwise.

There are so many bloggers now that it’s a given that you’re missing out on some great ones. This gives you a chance to meet new ones and grow a personal relationship with them!

5. It’s a networking opportunity.

Slip your business cards into the greeting card that you send. It’s a great way to network! Who knows, you might be able to help them with something and they might be able to help you! Remember: networking is key when blogging as a businesses.

6. It’s a way to “give back” every month.

It’s just a small way to give back and help someone out every month … even if it’s just a smile.

How Karing Card Club Works

Every month I would like for you to join me and my co-hosts, Kirsten from One Tough Mother and Kendra from Kreative Creationz, in sending a fellow blogger a handmade or store-bought card. Each month there will be a theme for the card. On the first Saturday of the following month we would like for everyone who receives a card to write a post about what the theme of the month means to them and to take a few pictures of the card they received so we all may see. Once you have written your post, come to one of our three blogs and link up your post so others may read it.

That’s all there is to it! No standing in lines at the post office. No hunting in stores for the perfect gift. No $15 maximum. Just paper, a stamp, and a mailbox!

To Recap:

1. Fill out the form each month. (April’s Form)

2. Wait for your Karing Card Club buddy match up to arrive in your email.

3. Buy or make a card with that month’s theme.

4. Send the card to your buddy match up.

5. Write about it by the first Saturday of the month.

6. Link up your post on one of the host blogs.

*At this time we are only able to accept participants with U.S. addresses. Your address will be shared privately with other bloggers, so please be sure you are providing an address you are comfortable sharing.*

This Month’s Theme: Happiness

April’s theme is happiness and I would love for you all to join us! To participate for April, just fill out the information before April 15. We will randomly match you with a partner whom you will exchange cards. Your partner’s information will be emailed to you by April 17. Please spread the word, so we can get as many bloggers involved as possible. Use #karecard  and #pursepact when using Twitter to spread the word.

If you participated in March, you can link up here, on Kendra’s blog or on Kirsten’s blog after you write your post! (Same goes for April, we’ll have the link-up live closer to the post date.)

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  • Julie // // Reply

    I am so in on this. I love getting mail… and fun things like this. :)

  • Tracy @ Warratahstree // // Reply

    This is a fantastic idea. I am a card maker anyway and I love making cards for family and friends, and I love the ones they send me each year for Christmas. It is so much fun.


  • Jackie // // Reply

    What a great idea! I signed up because I love getting mail and I like sending it! It also gives me a reason to pull out all of my scrapbooking stuff.

  • Ann-Marie // // Reply

    All I thought when I read this was “Awww!” which in my head sounds like how my 4 yr old says it when she sees a kitty cat or puppy dog or bunny or deer or … you get the idea. We can all use some “fun mail”, thanks!

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