Who’s Your Daddy?


Leia Loves DaddyIf you are a pet family, you are probably aware that your pet picks a person and loves them better than the rest of the family. There’s no use trying to deny it, your dog or cat loves you or one of the other people in your family better. In my family, the male dog (RIP) and other male cat (RIP) loved me best. The female cat (RIP) loved The Husband best, even though he hated her. The female Lab (RIP, wow…) loved The Husband the best and barely tolerated me petting her for 13 years.

Now, Ninja Cocaine Kitty–the cat I SAVED FROM DEATH, mind you–loves The Husband the best, as does Destructo Dog. However, it seems that I have dibs on the new pit puppy. (FINALLY.)

If you’re a pet family, you probably have the same kinds of animal arguments we have. No matter which bet loves you best, you claim it when it’s cute and snuggly and you don’t when it, like, poops on the floor.

“Ahhhh, [Ninja Cocaine Kitty] is so snuggly today. I’m so glad he loves me best!”

“Hey! YOUR DOG pooped on the floor!”

“Look, she loves me best,” The Husband likes to point out about Destructo Dog.

Fast forward to the weekend…

Saturday we have a nice family day out together as a family. Sadly, we don’t get to do that often because Todd and I trade off taking care of E and balancing work for both of us. So, it was a nice day.

When we arrived home in the late afternoon we went about our “get home” routine–get the kid in and get the dogs out of their kennels and outside. As E got inside we heard a scream, “Leia is not in her kennel!” We immediately looked around, called her and determined that we accidentally left her outside and she escaped (you might remember that she’s also Houdini Dog). A few minutes later, we heard that unmistakable collar sound as she shook her head and came ambling down the stairs with sleepy puppy face like, “What?!”

We were kind of in a panic because, even though it’s hard to remember with her 60 pounds of muscle, she really is still a puppy (about a year and half old). Since the dogs have never been out alone in the house, we were afraid to go upstairs. We made our way up and were shocked that nothing was touched–no destruction, no poop, no … anything.

Until The Husband checked our bed, where she had taken care and joy (I imagine) to pee right on his side of the bed and his pillow.

Glad she’s “his” dog.


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  • Elizabeth // // Reply

    Ever notice you do the same thing your kid(s)? She’s YOUR daughter/son…..

    Charlie wants another dog for that reason, Ruby loves me more than him. *sigh*

  • Julie // // Reply

    I really hope when I come to visit in 5 weeks (why yes, I am already counting down)… that Destructo Dog doesn’t take to me that well. I mean, I’d like if she’d like me, but NOT enough to pee on my bed. 😉


  • Coffee Lovin Mom // // Reply

    Dogs and kids were made cute for a reason. Good thing Destructo has a favorite after all huh?

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