Best Daylight Savings Ever


After THAT CAT decided to bite me on the hand to wake me up this morning, I fell back into a nice little slumber. The window was open with a little breeze and I have been staying up late the past few nights working on some big projects for the upcoming week.

A little while later, I heard the door open and in came the 5 year old. As she made her way up to the bed, I saw her holding a plate.

Mommy, I made you breakfast in bed. I was going to make you salad, but I decided to make this instead. The plate that I wanted to use was dirty, so I washed it off and dried it. Then I got these things for you: two cheese sticks, applesauce and some Mamaw butter.  [That’s what she calls the squeeze butter that she made us buy because my mom uses it at her house.] You mix the butter and the applesauce and then dip your cheese stick in it. 

Then, she disappeared and came back moments later with two glasses of water.

We flipped over a pillow, and right there had a morning breakfast picnic, where I ate the most disgusting combination of breakfast ever with my kind little girl.

And, on this first day of Daylight Savings, my bucket filled all the way up and overflowed.

E brings Mommy breakfast in bed


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