7 Reasons I Love Women Bloggers


I have to be honest, I’m not sure I would’ve made it through the past few years without my online support network of women writers and bloggers. When you choose writing as a profession, and then also choose to homeschool, you can lead a pretty solitary life. You can easily lose yourself and your support network if you’re not careful. That’s why, especially if you are a work-at-home and/or stay-at-home woman, you must gather an online women’s support group around you.

Unfortunately, women bloggers sometimes get a bad rap and some voice that we can’t form these kind of support groups online. Some say we’re bitches. We’re snarky. We claw at each other. We steal work. We talk behind your back. To listen to some, we basically hate each other and would cut you for looking at us the wrong way. And maybe eat you for breakfast.

Project Purse Club women hanging out at BloggyCon 2012

What I Know About Women Bloggers

Are some women bloggers mean? Sure, but so are some women teachers and women fitness trainers and female gas station attendants. I love how some women bloggers act like this is an issue that is exclusive to the female blogging industry, when we all know it’s not. It’s about how women are treating each other in general. It has been my experience that  the “mean girl bloggers”are in the minority, sometimes they just yell the loudest so it seems like there are more than there are.

At the end of last year, I started ProjectPurseClub.com to change the climate of how women treat each other in business and blogging. We want to see more lifting up and less tearing down. So, I took the #pursepact challenge this week to celebrate all of the amazing, supportive women bloggers out there–to write public posts about lifting up instead of tearing down.


Seven Reasons I Appreciate Women Bloggers

1. Fellowship

Lucky for me, I live in a state with a strong women bloggers network. These women not only will help you with a blogging or writing question and give support on personal issues, but they will also meet up with you  and enjoy getting to know you in person. I love that.

2. Intelligence

Although it is going away, there is still a perception that female blogs are filled with a bunch of bored housewives who can’t string together grammatically correct sentences about how much they hate their lives. Actually, female bloggers are some of the most intelligent women I’ve met. We’re talking educated (many advance-degree) ladies who are blogging as a business and kicking ass. Wow.

3. Imperfections

I love that women bloggers are so open and willing to share the imperfections about themselves, their relationships, their kids, their work and more. I need to know that I’m not the only one that’s feels liks she’s sucking as a parent, a writer, a businesswoman [insert your own]. I mean, left to my own devices I can take myself down a pretty dark road. So, I love the real voices of women blogging about their imperfections. It helps other people.

4. Support

I’ve gone to my women blogging network a lot for support, and, guess what? They aren’t judgmental bitches. Instead, I’ve felt a virtual surrounding of blogger women lifting me up and supporting me. It’s been integral to my mental health in the past few years.

5. Accountability

Women bloggers are supportive, but they aren’t afraid to call you on your shit. I like that about them. I’m not of the belief that if someone respectfully disagrees with you then you should unfollow them on your networks and stop interacting with them. I’m open to hearing different viewpoints that make me think.

6. Talent

Women bloggers are an amazingly talented group of women. I’m talking published authors, journalists, TV segment stars and so much more. I’ve never met a bigger cross-section of talent than that in the female blogging industry. If you are a business that needs something, go to women bloggers. Seriously.

7. Networking

If I need something, I can go to my network of women bloggers and someone in there will be able to help me, whether it be a job, looking for bloggers for a sponsor, writing help, parenting advice and more. Female bloggers kick ass in networking.

If you are a female blogger who has had bad experiences with other female bloggers before (and, we all have), might I suggest that you let down your guard a little and start getting to know other female bloggers? Start small–one or two women–and go from there. I think you may be surprised.

If you need a place to get started, check out Project Purse Club, where women are supporting women without judgment. There really are women bloggers out there who lift each other up, so we would love to have you!

NOTE: I fully intended to include a link to amazing women bloggers in this post, but as I started there were just too many! So, follow Project Purse Club on Twitter (#pursepact) and you’ll see us talk about amazing women you can follow all the time!

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  • Shara // // Reply

    Thanks so much for encouraging us to write about our thoughts in regard to women bloggers. I appreciate your friendship and although we haven’t met in person, I’m sure we’d get along just swell :-) And you’re right – women can be mean and hurtful in every group or organization … not just in the circle of blogging! I’m glad to know women like you who encourage readers to be kind and considerate of others.

  • Fran Lafferty // // Reply

    Thank you for your positive, down-to-earth outlook on this, and the encouragement it gives us all to keep writing and being ourselves.
    I especially like the part about showing our imperfections. I think I need to do that myself a bit more. :O>

  • Lauren Weber // // Reply

    YES YES AND YES! Blogging women are AMAZING. I seriously would’ve lost myself had I not discovered blogging as an outlet. Love your frankness in this post. So true!

  • Michelle // // Reply

    I have never seen a “mean girl blogger”. Color me thankful for that! I’ve only met amazing women bloggers. Anyway.. following!!!

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