Daughter: Today You Are Five



Dear Ella:

At least she got a birthday cupcake...Today you are five, but there is no celebration. There is no party or group of giggling children running through the house, or a cake that your father and I stayed up into the wee hours making for you. Unfortunately, we’ve all been extremely ill this week, so there is just a day–a day which feels like the other days this week, only it’s not. It’s the day that you were born five years ago; five years ago when I didn’t even realize how much you would change my life and what a true blessing you would be to me.

This year has been a whirlwind of watching you grow and change from that baby girl into a little girl. We started homeschooling you at the beginning of the year and it has been a true blessing to watch you blossom. It’s fulfilling for me in ways that are indescribable, and it seems to be just as fulfilling for you. You get excited that you can read words already and you’ve been writing for a couple of years now. You have a true joy in learning and approach most things with open eyes and an open heart.¬†You love technology and enjoy working on the computer and playing learning games. You’re always creating and coloring and configuring. It amazes me.

You have such a giving heart. You’re always worried about others and how they are. You often ask questions about things that seem much deeper than your young mind should allow. You want to know about death and life and everything in between, with detailed questions about both ends of the spectrum. You love art and coloring. You want to know about artists–who they are, why they create the art they do, and how. There is a never-ending barrage of exhausting questions, some that I can answer, many that I cannot. There is always a song in your mind, so you’re almost always singing whenever you are doing something…anything.

Sometimes you’re an enigma to me–a child who loves sushi, but hates macaroni and cheese. A kid who will order ice water at a restaurant over a juice or soda. The kid who asks for salads and fruit, or comes to get me so that we can “work out.” These are things that are wonderful, but I find perplexing about you.

You’re crazy, but in a completely good, crazy way. You’re unique, that’s for sure, and often put together clothing colors, textures and hairstyles that mortify your dad, but that I kind of love about you. I ignore the stares from other parents in public because I think you deserve to get to be who you want to be. You’re definitely your own person and remind us of that each day with your stubbornness and often an unwillingness to bend. Most of the time, I just let you go with it. There will come a day soon when your life will be overcome with rules. I just want you to be “free” for as long as you can. Hopefully that will be into adulthood.

I know I say this every year, but I really can’t believe you are five. (FIVE!) I truly remember every vivid moment of your birth just like it was yesterday. You are such a joy to me and I feel blessed each day for you. You make me laugh constantly and you always have a way of throwing a joke or a “look” in to diffuse a situation. I think that will serve you well in adulthood.

I pray for many blessings over your life, little one, I think you will touch many. You have certainly touched me.

I love you, daughter.

Happy Fifth Birthday,



Ella and Mommy

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  • Tina // // Reply

    This is so sweet and beautiful. She is very blessed to have you as a momma too. Hope you all feel better and Happy Birthday Ella. We wish we were still living close together because you and the girls could have so much fun! Maddys Birthday is next week and she too will be five. You girls are growing so fast! Makes us mommys sad :(

  • Liz // // Reply

    Aww … happy birthday to Ella!

  • Cris Goode (@crisgoode) // // Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella!

  • Betsy // // Reply

    Awww! We love and miss Ella! Happy Birthday to her from Brennen and I!

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