Beware the SkippyJon Jones Effect


What I’m about to tell you is a true story. No pickles or pusses where harmed in the writing of this story, but some parenting dignity might be bruised.

SkippyJon Jones Books (affiliate)There’s this series of books called SkippyJon Jones. If you don’t know about them, the premise is that there is a Siamese cat who thinks he’s a Chihuahua. Little SkippyJon goes on all kinds of imaginary adventures with his los Chimichangos who are from Mexico, complete with accents. Every book is a crazy rhyming ride  and guaranteed to have everyone in the family rolling with laughter, especially if you attempt the accents.

But here’s the thing, SkippyJon doesn’t always say the best things for a four year old brain. For example, in Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones, SkippyJon at one point says, “And then I popped a pickle in my puss.”

Clearly SkippyJon meant his mouth, which was innocent  to a four year old. However, to warped young (and old) adult minds (I’m looking at you A and S, E’s older sisters), this created rounds of hysteria for the entire Christmas holiday. So, that only reinforced that the four year old needed to say it.

Fast forward to this week and we are standing in line behind a father and his young son waiting to get back into the locker room after swim class. Out of nowhere, my four year old looks the dad right in the eyes and loudly declares:

I have a pickle in my puss!

Now, I don’t embarrass easily, but I felt the fire burning in my face as the mortified dad said (no lie), “You have a pickle WHERE?!”

I pushed E into the crowded locker room where she loudly declared to all of the parents and children, “I SAID, I have a PICKLE IN MY PUSS.

Have you ever tried to back pedal your way out of a “pickle in your puss” situation? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

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  • Erica // // Reply

    haha. oh. Dear. Thanks for the heads up! We won’t be reading those books.

  • Angela D. // // Reply

    I haven’t had that situation but I’ve started screening all books before I read them to E. Even if it is in the preschool section of the library, it isn’t always the best thing. If I’d read her the majority of the books about having a new baby in the family she would have hated her little sister before I even brought her home.

    One day something happened and E said “It is all my fault.” I was pretty sure that I had never told her that something was her fault but the mommy guilt instantly kicked in and I thought maybe I made her feel that way – yeah she got it from a character in a book.

  • Jackie // // Reply

    LOL!!! That is to funny… I’m sure that it wasn’t when it was happening though.

    My sisters son LOVED this book series and had to have to read to him all the time.

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