We Didn’t Mean To, But We Need Your Help



Ok, so things happened and we, well, rescued another pit puppy. Whatever. Let’s not dwell on the past (um, like yesterday)  and how chaotic our lives were already, because, DUDE, THERE WERE PUPPIES THAT NEEDED TO BE SAVED.

However, there’s a bigger problem. His name is LARRY. I mean, that’s what the shelter was calling him.



So, this isn’t just going to work for me. Mainly because each time I hear “Larry” I look around for someone to scream “Git er done!” (And, really? Who wants to live their life like that?!)

Anyway, we can’t seem to agree on what we should name him. What do you think? (And, if we pick the name you suggested, I might throw in a Monkey Do Project t-shirt because that’s the kind of girl I am.)

Now get on it. What does this face look like to you…

Does this look like a Larry to you?

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  • Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms // // Reply

    Herbert, Herb, Herbie, or Pretzel? You asked, I complied 😀 Good luck with the new addition!

  • Vicky // // Reply

    Look at that face

  • nrandy // // Reply

    Jackson says Lucky
    Deziree says Petey

  • Jaime // // Reply

    Brody, Bernie, Buster, Buddy, Chase,

    Lucky…..because he’s lucky you rescued him :-)

  • Nichole // // Reply


    Ace, Elroy, Tax, Robo or Ninja!

  • Christin // // Reply

    I left a long list earlier, guess I forgot to hit the send button! LOL

    12 y/o said, Reese’s, as in the chocolate candy, or Carmel
    8 y/o said Honey
    15 y/o said ‘Dirty Dog’ sounds good with ‘Destructo Dog’ since they are siblings. 😉
    Hubby said Tiger

  • Heather // // Reply

    You should name it Jake from Sami.

    Personally, I like Duncan. It just came to me when I saw that sweet face. Or maybe it’s the fact that I wish I were at Dunkin Donuts drinking a coffee and eating a cream stick.

    You’ve got a big heart. Hey Hart is a good name:)

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