My Whispered ‘H’ Secret


E searching for pictures with the small a sound in her first homeschool week.


Ok, I’ve been keeping a secret from you. Well, if you’ve been paying really close attention, you may have heard me hint or even mention it. (However, since The Husband doesn’t even read this blog regularly, I’m guessing you haven’t been paying really close attention.)

Anyway, last week I started homeschooling E.

I SAID, I started homeschooling E.

Look, I know what some of you are thinking (because some of my friends and family have said it directly to me):

She’s going to be a freak kid!

How will she ever learn and get through life?

She’ll never grow socially if you home school her.

Only religious freaks homeschool!

You’re not qualified to homeschool.

[Insert your own thought here]

And those who didn’t say it, I could see a variation of those things in bubbles over their heads.

But the thing is? I really never cared what anyone thought about it–or anything else I do, really. (Sorry.) It’s something that I’ve thought about since E was born and, with some dissatisfaction with the preschool we had her in, I know I can give her what she needs. She has an interest in art and music and, unfortunately, she isn’t going to get much of that in public school anymore. I can give her that, and more, based on her learning style. (Today, she made a bracelet while we talked about a subject, and then freakishly regurgitated the information later. I don’t see a teacher supporting that learning style in a public school.)

Also, I was afraid that “traditional” school was going to squash her creativity–which
is one of the things I love most about her. I didn’t want some teacher or peer group trying to stuff her squareness into some predetermined round hole because that’s what some state test said she should be. (And, don’t even get me started on how much time is wasted on just preparing for state testing and then at the end of the school year because they’ve already gotten state testing out of the way.)


So, why have I kept it mostly a secret? I don’t know, really. I think I didn’t want to answer any questions about it until I at least had one week under my belt (we’re on week two now) and had a full understanding. And really? The first week kicked my ass. I wanted to quit. I’m glad I didn’t because I watched things “click” in E’s brain today that was more fulfilling than I could ever imagine. However, if at some point this stops working for us (for whatever reason), I’m not ashamed to put her back in school. More judgment and all.

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