Skyo Has Cheap Books, Gives Away $500 Anyway



Thank you to Skyo for allowing me to partner with them for this amazing giveaway. Don’t miss the giveaway details at the end of the post.

Learn more about getting fast, easy and cheap textbooks!
You probably remember me talking about Skyo recently and how they were giving money to the Thirst Project for each new Facebook like and Twitter follow, providing clean water for those in need. And, you know how I love a company that’s doing great things, so check this out.

Skyo Links Colleges and Courses to Textbooks for Easy Purchase or Rental

When I was in college, we had to register for our courses and then wait for the professor to publish the textbooks that we needed in the school bookstore. Sometimes, we even had to wait for the first class. Ick. That’s why when I heard about Skyo’s newest offering I felt kind of … bitter.

Get this…

Skyo has linked specific colleges and even courses on their textbook site. This means that when you go to their site to buy (or rent) your textbooks, you can look up your college and even the course and make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need. How cool is that?! (Remember buying the wrong version of a textbook and having to go through the pain of returning it? Uh huh. Me too.) And, they’re continuing to add colleges even now!

‘Extra Credit’ Textbook Savings

In addition to free shipping (both ways!), Skyo is also giving “extra credit” savings!

  • Buy 2 books, save 5%
  • Buy 4 books, save 10%

And here’s my favorite part, you don’t even need a pesky coupon code. Just shop for your books and you’ll automatically get the savings when you meet the minimums!

But, that’s not all…

Skyo Is Giving Away $500!

Books and college can be expensive, so I’m excited to tell you that Skyo is giving away $500 to WritRams readers to use for books or anything else you need for college (and other stuff)!

We will be giving away:

One (1) $250 Visa Gift Card

One (1) $100 Visa Gift Card

Three (3) $50 Visa Gift Cards

That means you have FIVE chances to win money (gift cards) for books, college materials or whatever else you need in the New Year!

What Do You Have to Do to Enter the Skyo Giveaway?

It’s really easy, follow the steps below:

{REQUIRED} 1. Answer the following in the comments on this post:

“If you could do one thing differently in high school or college, what would it be?”

{REQUIRED} 2. Come back to the RAFFLECOPTER widget (below) and click on “I Commented.” (Once you do that, it will open up other steps for additional entries.)

3. To get extra entries, just check out the rest of the steps that “unlock” in Rafflecopter once you click “I commented.” (PSST: You can tweet once per day until the end of the giveaway for extra entries, too!)

This giveaway will end January 31, 2013, at midnight (EST)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck. A random drawing from all the entires will take place. Winners will be emailed at the email address left in the comments on this post. (Remember, you MUST answer the question in the comments and click on the I COMMENTED button in the Rafflecopter widget in order to be eligible.)

Unfun Things:

  • U.S. shipping addresses only.
  • No purchase is necessary in order to win.
  • Odds of winning are based on number of entries.
  • Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prize for any reason.
  • One card winner per person/per email address.

I’m honored to serve as the Skyo Social Media Blogger Ambassador.

19 Responses

  • Crystal // // Reply

    I wish I had been more comfortable being myself, instead of trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be. I think I would have enjoyed high school a lot more that way.

  • Krissy Higgins // // Reply

    I would concentrate more on my grades, on learning on making a future then I would about friends and boys!

  • Angela D. // // Reply

    I would have been more social in college and enjoyed the entire experience more instead of spending so many weekends at home or with high school friends at their college.

  • rockle // // Reply

    Am I allowed to want to do TWO things differently? Because I can’t decide between (1) not dating so many gay guys (they were all wonderful people but they made terrible boyfriends for me) and (2) not going to college somewhere SO DAMNED COLD (Syracuse is a great school but the weather is not for everybody).

  • Amiyrah // // Reply

    I’d get all of my required classes out of the way first! Those books were harder to find later in my college years.

  • Julie // // Reply

    I would use the money toward establishing some new projects that I want to do on my blog. I need to find a way that this can all happen and the extra $$ would really come in handy right now.

  • Julie // // Reply

    I totally biffed my last comment. So I’m leaving anothe r with the actual answer to the question.

    What I would do differently is learn how to budget before I went to college and then use those skills to keep me in the good graces. Because of financial reasons I had to drop out of the school I loved and wouldn’t want anyone to have to do that.

  • Tawni // // Reply

    I would have worked less and enjoyed the experience more. I worked at least three jobs throughout my undergraduate years, and didn’t have a lot of debt when I finished but I missed out on a lot of experiences (perhaps).

  • Tiffany Winner // // Reply

    I wish I would have waited to start college when i was sure about what degree i wanted, i wasted a lot of money

  • ella // // Reply

    I wish I had been more confident in high school! I would have probably tried dancing, drama, and chorus, if I had been.

  • Jennifer Harris Dault // // Reply

    In high school I wish I would have been more confident and less concerned about how I was perceived.

  • Amanda // // Reply

    I would have stopped being friends with my roommate after freshman year.

  • Brandon Dennin // // Reply

    I wish I tried harder and took it more seriously

  • Ashley @irishred02 // // Reply

    Try harder!

  • rebecca // // Reply

    “If you could do one thing differently in high school or college, what would it be?”
    Be more dedicated about it, not be distracted so much. Take care of my ADD before it took care of me :(

  • Christin // // Reply

    Study more.

  • Miss Merli // // Reply

    Wish I read more of my textbooks and not just what I needed to pass tests but hey I have my bachelors right :-) Time to work on the masters

  • Jim Lipscomb // // Reply

    Pursue higher education.

  • Heather // // Reply

    I would have reached out to those kids who seemed so alone. I was never the bully but I should have been the “reacher” – that kind of person who reaches out and brings those who seem to be isolated into the fold. I think of one girl in particular to this day and wonder how she is doing.

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