Perfect Woman According to ‘Men’s Health’ (and a Crayon Drawing Just As Ridiculous As the Study)


Well, guys, you’ve done it again. You’ve managed to reduce women to a ridiculous picture of perfection that will never happen.

Thanks for perpetuating that.

Men’s Health has come out with a composite of the perfect woman–11 qualities, according to their men, that make up their dream woman. ¬†(Sigh. I know.)

Even though they provided their own anatomy of the perfect woman picture on the Men’s Health website, I’ve decided to come up with my own.

Behold the artistic genius…

Anatomy of Perfect Woman: Composite from Manly Input According to WritRams

Perfect Woman?


Breaking Down What Men Want in Women (with Side Notes from WritRams)

1. Men like women with brown hair (because there is a chance of offending other women with their blond jokes).

2. Men want women younger than them (because that’s what builds a good relationship foundation).

3. Men want women who smile and laugh at their jokes (because, really? What else do we have to do besides  amuse our man)

4. Men want women who are educated and make their own money (like we needed their permission).

5. Men want women with narrow hips … even though those women can’t birth your children.

6. Men want women with big boobs … because they think life is one big porn movie.

7. Men love red because they don’t know how to think beyond what the media tells them is sexy.

8. Men want women with long legs (probably because we need them to hold up those massive boobs).

9. Men want women with tiny feet (because they think Barbie is real).

We have three daughters in this family. Can we please stop this ridiculousness? You have no idea how much harm this does to young women and body image.

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