Sadly, snowmen don't really poop.

Digestive Workings of Snow, or Everybody Poops Except Snowmen


Sadly, snowmen don't really poop.A few days ago we were at a craft store. When we were checking out, I was playing with all of the little impulse purchase items they put on the counter and I came across something that made me giggle. I picked up the little test-tube size container and said to the four year old, “Hey! Look at this! It’s Snowman Poop!”

Her little eyes got really big and she wrinkled her nose.

“Really? It’s snowman poop in there?”

She peered closer.

I laughed and explained to her that they really just looked like miniature marshmallows.

“I mean, clearly it’s not snowman poop,” I explained matter of fact. “Snowmen would poop ice, I would think, and really? How would you bottle that? It would just be melted snowman poo and then no one would believe that, right?”

The four year old looked at me before saying, “They might poop snow.”

“True,” I said, “but only when they’re having issues. Like too much Mexican food. Or a coffee from Starbucks.”

“Oh,” she said, kind of disappointed.

It was then that the cashier, a 40-something woman, sighed loudly and said, “Look, clearly snowmen can’t poop. I mean, you need a digestive system to poop and everyone knows snowmen don’t have digestive systems, so they don’t poop. There. Settled.”

As I paid and grabbed my bag to walk away I cackled because, really? What’s better than drawing an innocent bystander into a poo conversation? Nothing. That’s what.

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