An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey


Dear Oprah:

Oprah, girl? We know this ain't you...I was shocked to see the latest cover of “O” magazine.

Look, I know that airbrushing has been going on in magazines for a long time. However, continuing to allow yourself to be airbrushed thinner (And really? This disproportionate cover may be the worst I’ve ever seen on your magazine.) is perplexing to me.

You are one of the most successful celebrity females. You’ve been upfront with your weight battles and guess what? We still love you. So, why do you allow your art department to continue to airbrush you into these odd shapes to make you appear thinner? Sure, let them airbrush out a few facial wrinkles or cottage cheese on the thighs so that clothes look better, but enough already with the bobble-heads on shrunken bodies for the ┬ácovers.

Oprah, we know who you are and what you look like … and it’s not what is appearing on the cover of your magazines. As someone (me) who has been on both ends of the spectrum–anorexically thin to plus size–I don’t think how you’re allowing yourself to be portrayed on your magazines is helping us teach girls how to love themselves for how they look–no matter the size or shape.

Get real, would you?



5 Responses

  • Christin // // Reply

    I agree, this airbrushed Oprah body looks ridiculous!

  • Liz // // Reply

    It almost looks like they didn’t touch her from the waist up (except maybe made her arms skinnier?) and then airbrushed everything from waist down. Weird.

  • Jackie // // Reply

    There is definitely something wrong with that picture! She kinda has that Barbie doll shape! LOL!

  • Coffee Lovin' Mom // // Reply

    I just saw this while waiting to check out and thought the same thing….we all know Oprah, when your boobs are that large there’s no way your waist is that small no matter what you do..unless maybe she’s trying to be Barbie.

    • WritRams // // Reply

      TRUE. It’s just so weird to me because she talks anti this kind of stuff and then THERE SHE IS, being portrayed different than what she is. SIGH.

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