Being Square | A Pumpkin, A Story and a Kid


Ella's own 'Spookly.'I’ve written many times on here and on my social networks about how “creative” my kid is. And by “creative” I, of course, mean that my kid likes to put together different textures, colors and even crazy hairdos. She’s the kid who you see skipping ahead of the mother at the grocery store, clean, but wearing mismatched clothes with hair that looks like it hasn’t been combed in days (even though it has) because it is sticking out 15 ways with 27 different hair barrettes¬†jutting at odd angles.

Just this weekend, before she went to a kids’ book event, she came in and asked me to paint her fingernails … just the forefinger and thumb on each finger.

All of these things combined are part of what makes me love her. I’m ok with “poor kid/bad mom” glances I get at the store and with letting my daughter express herself. However, it makes semi-OCD Husband crazy (he thinks I’m not teaching her the things she needs to know about matching, etc.).

This weekend, after I painted just four of her tiny fingernails, she went to that kids’ book event where she learned about Spookly. (The Book is no longer available, but you can buy collector’s copies for $500–no lie.However, you can get DVD and a Pumpkin Plushie¬†for regular prices.)

You see, Spookly was a square pumpkin who was different because he wasn’t round. The story goes on to tell a fantastic tale of how you should embrace your differences as well as the differences of others. What a cool story.

Over the weekend, we also went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin. As we were walking up the path to the farm/patch, we passed a little green pumpkin that someone had clearly discarded as unwanted. The four year old stops, picks up the pumpkin and announces loudly, “This is the one I want. It’s different and it’s alone. I like this one.”

I smiled and said, “Good choice, sweetie. Good choice.”

The Husband was, of course, mortified.

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  • Brandy // // Reply

    She so cute and she will grow up to be great with you two who wouldnt :-)

  • Jennifer Harris Dault // // Reply

    Compassion for lonely pumpkins. I like it!

  • Jackie // // Reply

    I love that she picked the odd one!! We have the Spookly book and I love it… so cute!

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