Your Solution for Saving Money on Christmas Gifts This Year (Really)


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The Husband and I were talking the other day when I had a realization that Christmas is only three months away. As I relayed my thought to him we both cringed. It’s creeping up on us and we weren’t prepared. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about: That time that each year that you swear you will save for but you don’t. That crazygift-buying time, when you run around spending more than you should and regretting it later. Gah! So here we are, time to buy holiday gifts and we’re not prepared at our house. What can we do now?

Lucky for us, Kmart, which has every toy my kid has talked about for the last six months (and she remembers every toy that I’ve said, “Put it on your Christmas list!”) and some cute clothes and shoes for her, is having this fabulous Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway. It’s this awesome giveaway is where Kmart is—get this–paying off the remaining balance on one layaway per store each week from now through 11/17/12. (I.KNOW. Can you imagine? free layaway!) Love those prepackaged hot chocolate and mug gift sets? Load up and put them on layaway! Want a game console and some games? Put those in there, too. I’m already dreaming of a whole layaway full of their sock monkey stuff and not paying it off, just getting them free. SOCK MONKEYS! FREE!

Put Sock Monkeys in Layaway at Kmart!


So what would be your dream layaway win from Kmart? (Don’t say sock monkeys because we already know I’m putting all of those on hold.)

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