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IFOF Indiana State Fair

If nothing else has come out of this drought for me, it’s my elevated appreciation for our farmers–especially my local Indiana farmers. Not only do they do so much to feed us–even in these awful conditions–but they are completely committed to feeding the hungry, too. Check this out, it is so cool!

Indiana’s Family of Farmers (IFOF) Recipe Trail at the Indiana State Fair

Indiana’s Family of Farmers (IFOF) is partnering with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry (FIsH) to continue the tradition of the Recipe Trail again at this year’s Indiana State Fair beginning on August 3rd. All you do is head out to the fair and check in at eight of the nine booths participating to pick up a card for a yummy recipe. (Don’t believe me about the yumminess? Last year they gave recipes like Tex-Mex Breakfast QuesadillasItalian BeefGrandma Linda’s Strawberry ShortcakeCorn Pudding and more! I.KNOW.)

Then, head to the ninth booth–Indiana’s Family of Farmers booth at the DuPont Food Pavilion–and collect the last card that will highlight Indiana’s farm foods. There, you will win a special prize for completing the trail and have a chance to register for the daily dairy giveaway and the grand prize of a Frigidaire® chest freezer. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but IFOF will be giving away samples each day like tortilla chips from the Indiana Corn Marketing Council, sausage snackers from Indiana Pork, and duck from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. Come each day to try the daily special sample! Keep it under wraps, though, ok? We want enough left for us.)

How Does the Recipe Trail Help Feed Indiana’s Hungry?

Look, I know that getting cool recipes, tasting samples and winning prizes is full of awesomeness, but what if you combine those things with helping to feed others? Double the awesomeness, that’s what!

This is where Indiana’s Family of Farmers is partnering with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry to donate one pound of food for each person completing the food trail and giving it to food banks across Indiana. Last year, they donated 2,000 pounds of food. The goal this year is 3,000 pounds of donated food–that means we need 3,000 people to complete the trail, so help spread the word!

You can download the recipe trail map now and gear up for some good food and helping others!

Win Tickets to the Indiana State Fair!

WritRams and IFOF is partnering up to give away two State Fair tickets and two Dairy Bar coupons (includes two milkshakes, two grilled cheese, and two kid meals). Just leave a comment on why you love our Indiana farmers and we’ll enter you into the random drawing for both the State Fair tickets and Dairy Bar coupons!

You have until August 3, 2012, at midnight EST to enter.

Go on, man, do it for the cows … and the corn.

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25 Responses

  • Cindy Carver // // Reply

    They grow the yummiest sweet corn!!

  • Lucinda Larson // // Reply

    The farmers work very hard to produce great food when mother nature allows.
    The dairy barn is a must at the fair.

  • Christine // // Reply

    Indiana Farmers have great dairy products.

  • Desirae // // Reply

    I love the fair! Every year I go just to buy some molasses and honey from the pioneer village. I love to watch as the ladies sew together the quilt and the parade is cool with all the older tractors. This year I would love to get another milkshake from the Dairy Producers :)

  • Nathan Miller // // Reply

    First off, thanks for the chance to win. Second, the recipe trail is highly under rated. Last, we ALL need to go to the fair this year to thank all the farmers for working so hard this summer.

  • Aimee W // // Reply

    I love to see all the tractors! Then head to the dairy barn…yummy! :)

  • Denise Wilson // // Reply

    I have always had a great respect for our farmers! They work very hard, night and day, with great pride, to provide not only for their families, but for our nation. :)

  • Doreen H // // Reply

    Every time we see a farmer working in the fields, we take the opportunity to tell our grandchildren how hard they work to produce so that we can have fresh delicious food.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    We LOVE the State Fair!

  • Curt and Julie W. // // Reply

    We love the State Fair! We spend most of our time touring the barns and talking with the people about their animals. Plus, we live in an area surrounded by farms. We have grown to respect the hard work that farmers do.

  • Lori Parrish // // Reply

    Indiana farmers are the backbone of our Hoosier state. Iconic Indiana is corn corn corn, but farmers will tell u, there’s more than corn in INDIANA!

  • Jeni // // Reply

    Indiana wouldn’t be the same without our farmers. And life would not be the same without sweet corn!!

  • Jaclyn Henderson // // Reply

    I LOVE Indiana Farmers because thats my family! My grandparents have farmed their entire lives and their children do as well. My parents also farm shrimp here in Indiana. That’s a great thing about farmers they never stop and always find a way :)

  • jodi tanksley // // Reply

    Thank you for such a amazing giveaway. We would love to head out to the fair as we are new to IN and have heard wonderful things about the fair. Plus we love supporting the farmers as we have family here that are farmers.

  • Rishi // // Reply

    Well, nothing beats eating corn dogs on a hot day followed by listening to some soft country music in the evening with your family in Indiana.. #YouGottaLoveIN

  • Amy Shaw // // Reply

    I love our Indiana farmers whose hard work makes Indiana the beautiful landscape that it is–from the fields of corn and beans and wheat, to the cows and pigs and sheep–what a spectacular view! Plus I love that sweet corn! What a yummy tradition!

  • Jennie Keen // // Reply

    thanks so much for the chance to win! we LOVE the rides, the animals, and of course all of the treats! and my son loves the tractor ride. :-)

  • Solducky // // Reply

    I love how hardworking they are, and whenever we meet them at farmer’s markets they are always kind and knowledgeable too.

  • nancy hawk // // Reply

    they grow the yummiest food and work very hard to support their families!!!

  • Steve Talbert // // Reply

    Indiana farmers work hard to bring sustenance to Hoosiers, but they receive little recognition or thanks. Kudos to Indiana farmers for all they do!

  • Rudi Shelton // // Reply

    The majority of Indiana farmers promote good family morals and excellent work ethics!

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  • Leticia Latinovich // // Reply

    We are really looking forward to this years state fair because we LOVE the dairy barn, and the dairy cows.

  • Latisha osborne // // Reply

    The fresh produce at the farmers markets and yummy dairy!

  • joanna // // Reply

    I love independent farmers that are selling directly to the public at farmers markets and through CSAs. They get us the freshest, healthiest food!

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