Pit Bull or Napkin?


There are several members of our family who have a love-hate relationship with Destructo Dog. Well, to be honest Ninja Cocaine Kitty and Old Dog just have a hate-hate, but E and I have a love-hate relationship with Destructo Dog. It’s not that she’s a bad dog  necessarily, it’s just that she’s too much sometimes (in only that way that puppies can be too much).

WritRams Pit Bull Kids

The four year old wants to play with her so much. She thinks running and jumping and screaming with Destructo Dog is fun. Destructo Dog thinks it’s fun, too. However, Destructo Dog is way stronger than E, so it’s all fun and games until a big Pit Bull block head comes crushing up into your chin and slamming your teeth down onto your tongue. So I’m making them forge a slow and methodical friendship.

A little while ago, I was enjoying a nice asparagus salad which E was sharing with me. True to four year old form, she managed to end up with Balsamic vinegar dressing all over her mouth. And then, I heard giggling.

I turned around just in time to see Destructo Dog helping herself to asparagus-dressing remnants right off of the four year old’s face.

When I told them both to stop, E giggled:

But I can’t! She’s my napkin!

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