Dissection of a Half-Eaten Chocolate Bunny



I posted a statistic on my parenting site Facebook page over the Easter weekend that 76% of people say that they eat the ears first on a chocolate bunny from their Easter basket.

Because I have nothing better to do I’m supremely interested in all things statistical and research, I was curious about the order in which my four year old would ingest her chocolate bunny (which she LOVES and looks forward to each year).

Here are the results and they proved exactly what I’ve been thinking for four years: She’s definitely her own person.


WritRams Chocolate Easter Bunny Dissection

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  • Elizabeth // // Reply

    Thankfully Charlie is not into chocolate. He doesn’t get a bunny either unless a relative give it to him. This year he got a large chocolate football. And promptly gave it to his dad saying “I don’t want it”.

  • Betsy // // Reply

    Lol Too funny!

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