How Planting Mix Helps Your Garden Grow

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I don’t know about you, but all this warm weather has me ready to go on planting some stuff. I’ve been planning some container gardening, plus some nice big tomato plants on the side of our house that gets a ton of sun. (And way far away from the new puppy who has managed to destroy a four foot tall azalea bush already. SIGH.)

Since this is the first “gardening season” we’ve lived here, I really have no idea about the soil and what I should do to prepare it. So, I think I’ll stick to mixing my gardening area with planting mix—like Expand ‘n Gro™—to supplement the area.

One of the reasons I think this Miracle Gro blend will be good is because it can help you grow up to three-times the amount of flowers and vegetables than just soil alone. (And, who doesn’t love more tomatoes?!?) And, it continues to feed the soil for up to six months, which means you can see improved growing results even in the next gardening season! It also holds up to 50-percent more water than basic potting soil, so awesome for super dry growing seasons.

If you’re getting ready to garden and wondering how to prepare your soil, I have a pack of Miracle-Gro Exand ‘n Gro you can try for yourself. To enter, just leave a comment telling me about what you grow in your garden. (So what? I’m trying to get some gardening ideas. Shut up.)

I’ll perform a random drawing from all comments on March 31, 2012, at midnight EST. (U.S. shipping addresses only.)



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