‘The Avengers’ Opens May 4th; Walmart Provides Superhero Family Fun

What kid doesn’t love a superhero? (Heck, let’s be honest. What adult doesn’t love a superhero?) Lucky for us–in what’s sure to be the ultimate summer action movie–The Avengers will bust into theaters on May 4, 2012. This means all your favorites from childhood–Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk (dude, I LOVED the Hulk!)–will be in one movie for you to introduce to your children. A new generation of superhero believers.

And, if your house is like my house, what happens once you see the movie? Yep, your kid wants the t-shirt and the coloring books and the toys and the … well, you know how it goes.

Fortunately for us parents on a budget, Walmart is carrying all the cool Avenger gear at their usual discounts and everyday low prices–toys, books, DVDs and more, right now, before the movie even starts!

Gotta have the Marvel The Avengers Tri-Power Repulsor Blaster? Walmart has it. Need the Gamma Strike Hulk Action Figure like I want? They have that, too. In fact, they have just about any cool Avenger’s item you want, and some even with free shipping!

But one of the coolest things is that Walmart has actually created a whole Avengers-related landing page on their website. From there, you can not only shop, but you can also download an exclusive Avengers wallpaper for your computer each month. (How fun will it be to come back each month and see the new wallpaper?) You can also download and decorate your own Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man masks FOR FREE. (You know all the cool kids will be wearing them to the movie.)

So go on, find your inner superhero and grab some Avengers goods before they’re gone. (Just leave one of those awesome Hulk action figures for me. Er, I mean, for my daughter.)

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  • Brandy Brady // // Reply

    I can’t wait to see this..it comes out on my b-day 😀

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