Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake

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This year for my daughter’s fourth birthday she requested a Hello Kitty Pirate Princess birthday cake. You just have to know our daughter to know that this isn’t a weird request. Last year she asked for a 3D triceratops dinosaur cake. Purple.

Instead of doing what normal parents do–pay someone to make the weird cake requests–we have decided to make the cake every year. And by we, I really mean that I bake the cake parts and then I hide in the other room with my hands over my eyes screaming at my husband while he does all the carving.

This year was no different.

We couldn’t find any info online on how to make a Hello Kitty Pirate Princess cake (aside from buying one of those awful shape pans that never work), so we punted and made up our own.  Here’s how we did it.

Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake Homemade

Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake

You’ll need:

  • Paper template of Hello Kitty
  • 2 boxes of cake mix (flavor of choice)
  • 3 containers of icing (flavor of choice)
  • Pre-colored fondant in white, black, pink
  1. Bake the cakes in the 9×12 baking pans. Let cool.
  2. Carefully  turn the first cake pan over onto what will be your final cake plate. (You won’t be able to move this cake after you’re finished.)Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake Homemade
  3. Ice the top of first layer with your icing of choice.
  4. Place the second cake on top of the first layer.
  5. Cut your Hello Kitty face template out and place it on top of the cake. (We purchased an awesome Hello Kitty t-shirt decal from Etsy and then used a copier to blow it up on paper before we affixed the decal to a shirt.)
  6. Cut around the decal on the cake as your Hello Kitty face.Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake Homemade
  7. Ice the top and sides and then place the rolled-out white fondant on the cake.If you’ve never worked with fondant, it’s as hard as they make it seem on those baking shows. Save yourself some sanity and purchase the pre-colored fondant. You can find it at most craft, party supply, baking and even grocery stores now. I actually found mine at a Walmart (the ones with a grocery store). Make sure you work to roll it out thin. This was the first time we ever worked with fondant, and we actually told everyone at the party to peel it off and eat the cake under because we left it too thick. If the fondant cracks when you’re working with it, just use some water on your fingers to “paste” it back together.Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake Homemade
  8. Roll out the rest of the fondant and use the black to make a pirate eye patch, eyes, nose and whiskers. Use the pink for the bow. We cut the bow off our Hello Kitty decal copy and used it as a template, but it’s easy enough to free-hand, as is the eye patch (we made ours heart-shaped). You can use small bits of icing to help affix the bow, eye patch, eyes, etc.
  9. To add that final “pirate” touch, The Husband cut out “bones” from mixed fondant and placed them beside the cake for that “skull and crossbones” effect.
  10. We didn’t even attempt a princess crown. Instead, I purchased a small princess crown comb for 99-cents at a party store. It was something that you would wear in your hair, but the “comb” part made it perfect for sticking into the cake.


It sounds daunting, but the hardest part was the learning curve working with the fondant. If you’ve worked with it before, this cake won’t be hard for you.

Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake Homemade

I’d love to see any pictures of your Hello Kitty Pirate Princess Cake. If you make it, come back and post a link to the picture in the comments!

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