A Dog Named Sue

So as you know, we got a new puppy. I’ve been keeping the stories on the DL because, well, there’s something embarrassing. No, not her puppy butt breath (although that is completely repulsive), it’s, um … her name.

For some reason, when you adopt or rescue a dog they always have the worst names. I don’t know if it’s because they see so many come through the doors that they have to be super creative with names just out of sheer volume, or if they think that the more ridiculous the name the more eye-catching it will be. When we adopted our dog Indy, the name on his adoption papers was Spanky. (I know, right?) Well, the original name on the papers of our new puppy was Wiggly Wanda.

I said, the name the shelter gave her was:

Wiggly Wanda.

[pause for reaction]

Uh. Yeah.

We adopted a dog named Wiggly Wanda. Nevermind that I have an aunt named Wanda and having a dog with the same name as your aunt is both disrespectful and weird, but having a dog named Wiggly Wanda is just … awful.

I tried for an entire day before we brought the puppy home to reason with E.

Me: Don’t you think we should rename the puppy? I mean, Wiggly Wanda. That’ kind of a weird name.

4 year old: No, that’s her name.

Me: Well, not really. That’s just the name that is on her adoption papers.


Well, there you have it.

I tried, really I tried, for one entire day when we first brought the dog home–Wanda, Wand, Wiggly, Wiggles, Wigs. I tried them all while my mom laughed at me from the background.

And then it came to us–Leia. Her name should be Leia. And it had nothing to do with the fact that The Husband folds her ears up and they stay in place like Princess Leia’s hair. Really, it didn’t.

So we finally convinced E that her name should be Leia and (thank goodness) she agreed.

The next day, as I dropped E off at school she said, “Miss Amber! I have a new puppy! Her name is Wiggly Wanda.” I just smiled at Miss Amber’s one raised eyebrow and reminded E that the new puppy’s name is Leia. (LEIA DAMNIT! Say it. SAY.IT.)

That evening, The Husband and E took Leia into the pet store where a woman stopped them and said, “Ohhhh! She’s so cute. There was a puppy at the Humane ┬áSociety who looked just like her!”

When The Husband told the woman that we just adopted the puppy, the woman replied:



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  • Christin // // Reply

    I.am.totally.cracking.up! Only you could end up with a dog named Wiggly Wanda!

  • Paula // // Reply

    No wonder Denny couldn’t remember her name when I asked him!

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