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As a parent, I’m convinced that some of the best and most important conversations with your child happen in the car. (Don’t believe me? Check out what happened to my friend Cate recently.)

I’m not really sure what it is about being in the car that makes kids chatty–maybe it’s because they have you as a captive audience, or there’s nothing to do in a restrained and confined space, or that they’re just bored. At any rate, if you have something to discuss with your kids, I say do it in the car.

My three year old is great at bringing up weird stuff in the car. Here are two conversations I had with her … just yesterday. (Seriously.)

Carversation #1:

E: Mommy, where are your grandpas?

Me: Well, my both of my grandpas are in heaven. They died a long time ago.

E: Oh. That’s sad.

Me: Yes.

E: Maybe they will come back.

Me: No honey. When you die you are gone. You can’t come back. They bury you.

E: They are under the die stones?

Me: Yes, just their bodies.



Carversation #2:

E: Mommy, remember when we went to that place with all the Christmas stuff?

Me: Yes, that was the mall near our old house.

E: …and we saw Santa?

Me: Uh huh.

E: …and God?

Me: Er…no. I don’t remember that part.

E: ‘Member? We rode up the elebator stairs?

Me: Yes, I remember when we rode up the escalator.

E: Next time, we go back there and see Santa and God.

Me: Oh? You think God lives at the mall?


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