Ninja Kitty and Sad News

I have some sad news for Ninja Cocaine Kitty fans. You may want to sit down.

NCK has, um, changed. Since we moved into the new house he is calmer, more relaxed, dare I say even … nicer?


There has been no midnight flinging himself around the house, no practicing Ninja moves as you pass him on the stairs, no attaching himself to your leg, biting the baby, trying to eat the dog’s ear, sinking his teeth into fleshy exposed body parts … just, no general cocaine-ness at all.


At first I thought he was sick (he has lost some weight since the move), however it didn’t take me long to realize that this unrecognized thing he was doing was … LOVE.

He is purring, and nudging hands for scratches, and begging for strokes with little mews and, and, and, HE IS SNUGGLING.

That’s right, I said SNUGGLING.

On October 14 at 9:49 p.m. it was like he suddenly remembered that he was Ninja Cocaine Kitty. He jumped up onto my lap and promptly bit me on the arm … for no reason … just like old times. He sat there for a few minutes with an unsatisfied look on his face and then snuggled up to me, curled into a ball and fell right asleep.

I’m not sure who was more disappointed, him or me.

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  • jen // // Reply

    TIme to get some cat nip! I miss NCK’s ninja-ness. How about some non diet coke?

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