Family Heartbreak (in a totally good way)


Sometimes your kid says something that totally breaks your heart. And, I don’t mean in that ouch-I-will-be-scarred-forever way. No, I mean in the it’s-so-sweet-my-heart-is-so-full-it-can’t-take-anymore way. It’s those times when your heart fills up with so much love that you can almost feel it swelling in chest, afraid that it may burst right there and get little heart parts all over the other important stuff inside.

That happened to me recently.

I was sitting on my bed working on my iPad and E was leaning on the edge of the bed–simultaneously donkey kicking and singing and watching television and…just multitasking in the usual three year old way.

Seemingly out of the blue, she stopped and we had this conversation:

E: Mommy, when you were little you had a mommy and daddy.

Me: Yes.

E: When daddy was little he just had a daddy.

Me: Yes, that’s right.

E: Now, you’re a big girl and your mommy and daddy are my mamaw and papaw.

Me: Yes, very good.

E: And daddy’s daddy is my grandpa and now I have grammie.

Me: Yes. That’s good, Ella. Those are all very hard concepts to understand when you’re so young.

E: And now, you are a big girl and daddy is a big boy and you have me. You are my parents.

And then she throws me completely off by climbing up on the bed, flinging her arms around my neck and saying, “I love my family.”

My heart swelled so full that day and shattered into little pieces. In a totally good family heartbreak way.

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  • Just Margaret // // Reply

    Aww! I welled up a little bit reading that…those moments are so precious <3

  • Chad Thomas Johnston // // Reply

    That is about the sweetest thing ever. That’s amazing, Rams. Wow. That kid deserves a medal for being AWESOME. :)

  • Hey Jen // // Reply

    Aww, that is so sweet! Love it!

  • Caren Gittleman // // Reply

    thank you for warming MY heart!

  • alyssa johns // // Reply

    awwwww… that must be the stuff to reward us for the sleep deprivation that once caused us to yell at our 6 week olds… 😉

    • WritRams // // Reply

      Word, girl. No doubt.

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