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I’ve made it no secret: We love games in this family. It only takes a gathering of more than two people and we start pulling open the game closet. We’re always happy to try new games out with our group of gamers, so I was super excited when I started corresponding with Beth Daniels, creator and owner of the Around the Table Games company who creates award-winning  “portable conversation games.”

First let me say that I’m sometimes skeptical of those touchy-feely sharing games. They often feel forced and end up being more uncomfortable for the players than fun. However, Around the Table does a fantastic job of creating games that are thought-provoking, interesting and fun without seeming forced phony.

Our group played two of the Around the Table Games–Camp Talk and Family Talk 2. Both games are portable with their small sets of cards on clips that can be attached to backpacks, beach bags, luggage and purses. Each card holds a question meant to inspire and engage families and friends in fun–and often meaningful–discussions.

The Camp Talk set is interesting because the questions were created by kids for kids. There are 50 cards that haveWritRams Around the Table Games Camp Talk topics geared toward boys and girls ages 7 and up. A feature of the Camp Talk set that kids will love is the super-bright flashlight on the clip that makes the set perfect for camp, bonfires and other outdoor trips.

I tested the set on my nine year old nephew and was surprised by his interest in the game and the thoughtful answers he gave. (I mean, it wasn’t even electronic and didn’t have stuff that you blow up or jump on and he was still interested!) 

One of my favorite Camp Talk questions was, “Do you have an idea for an invention?” My nephew surprised me by having a shockingly detailed idea for a great invention. (I would tell you what it is, but someday he’s going to do it and get rich and then take care of me. Sorry.) When I asked him what he thought about the game in general he answered, “It’s really cool!” followed closely with, “Can I have it, Aunt Jackie?”

LatWritRams Around the Table Gameser, my friend and I played the Family Talk 2 while waiting for others to arrive. The Family Talk 2 deck is 100 cards, bound by a clip, with questions appropriate for all ages of the family.

My friend and I contemplated and then laughed as we answered question after question within the Family Talk 2 deck. One question even led to a longer, more thought-provoking emotional conversation. It was interesting to find out things about each other–and even about ourselves–that previously we hadn’t given much consideration.

Another great thing about Around the Table games is that they are completely affordable. With today’s economy, we are always looking for fun family time that won’t break the bank. At $8 for Camp Talk and $10 for Family Talk 2, these games are completely within budget and will continue to return on the investment for years to come.

The general consensus from our group is that  games are fantastic (and they were even featured on the Today Show over the summer!). I plan on throwing in them my car for road trips and also clipping them to our beach bag in the summer because portable fun? Always a good idea.

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  • Shannon // // Reply

    I would love these games! Even my adult siblings would dig this!!

  • Alecia // // Reply

    I’d love these for conversation starters around the dinner table.

  • Paul Williams // // Reply

    I’m always up for a game! This sounds like it could be interesting. Count me in! :)

  • Jim Ries // // Reply

    Carter and Olivia would also love these games. We have the Dinner Games set which they insist we play almost every-night. Great way to keep the family talking and spending time together again. We are all for it.

    Thanks for posting 😉

  • Erica // // Reply

    thanks for making it so easy Jackie!!!

  • Jeanne F. // // Reply

    Enter me too- please and thank you!

  • Marybeth Levine // // Reply

    We are also a game-loving family! We don’t have a game like this yet so it would be fun to try. The current fad in our house is Skip Bo — my 8-yr-old and husband continually challenge me to play. And I take them to school. every. time. :)

  • Cheryl Devereaux // // Reply

    Sure I would like to enter. Thank-you!

  • Sandie Williams // // Reply

    Sure, count me in. I love a good game.

  • Shelly // // Reply

    I’ve played games similar to these and they are great!! Count me in, I would love to win these for the kids.

  • Danita Fisher // // Reply

    We’re all about educational and interactive games! These are great! We would LOVE these!

  • Tina Haddad // // Reply

    This would be a great gift for my nephew who is 7. With the holidays around the corner I’m always looking for unique ideas!

  • Charity Coyle // // Reply

    I have 9 year old twins that are always dieing to try new games. If I dont win one, I will definately look into buying one.

  • Robb Judah // // Reply

    These games sound really neat. I would love them for my little family!

  • WritRams // // Reply

    *****The giveaway ended on September 30, 2010. Congratulations to Shelly (comment #10). Her number was randomly drawn for her choice of an Around the Table game.*****

  • shelly // // Reply

    I received my set from winning!! These are awesome and I will definetly be ordering additional one’s for Christmas presents. My daughter and her friend asked these questions to each other all the way to their basketball game. Thanks!!!

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